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Our industrial laboratory is responsible for ensuring quality of incoming raw materials as well as finished products.

Our laboratory

The laboratory conducts express-analysis using a spectrometry method and different physico-chemical analysis both for internal needs and for commercial clients. The lab provides service of determining the quality of grain and oil-bearing crops, silage, haylage, compound feed, press cakes, mill cakes, plant materials and cereals.

It determines the content of protein, fiber, ashes, calcium, phosphorus, lignin, fat, organic acids, starch and sugar.

Finished products and raw materials are tested for the content of mycotoxins, amino acids and vitamins.

Full range of analyses conducted by the lab
  • Moisture content
  • Protein content
  • Fiber content
  • Fat content
  • Ashes
  • ADF
  • NDF
  • Lignin content
  • Acid value, peroxide value
  • Organic acids content in silage and haylage
  • рН
  • Starch content
  • Sugar content
  • Metal foreign matter occurrence
  • Foreign grain and impurities occurrence
  • Content and quality of gluten
  • Determination of grain spoilage by herbivorous bugs, shield bugs (Eurygaster integriceps) and other pests
  • Phosphorous content
  • Calcium content
  • Mycotoxins detection
  • etc

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